A Waterman's World: Crisfield, Maryland

Crisfield, Maryland is what it is: a watermen's world. We loved it for that! It's a no frills, down and dirty crab pickin' small town with a sea-faring history that dates back to 1850s with the discovery of oyster beds.

In our wanderings, we had the privilege to meet the J. Millard Tawes Historical Museum curator and local, Tim Howard, who has a keen sense of the town. He began to show us around the main exhibit and when we came to this photo (c. 1940), asked if we'd like to see the real thing. Of course we did...and off we went to the MeTompkin processing facility at the water's edge in Crisfield.

Notice the scene from the 1940s and the present day shots. See any differences? Tim pointed out that in over 60 years, the picking process and even the methods of paying have not changed.

If you're in town long enough to for a meal, head over to the Watermen's Inn for a casual fine dining experience or Gordon's Confectionary for a little local flavor. Both restaurants are on the main road, rt. 413 on the left side as you head into town.

TIPS: Try the lobster pancakes with chipotle mayo at the Watermen's good!

Keep your eyes peeled for water-side festivals in Crisfield...there are tons. One to speak of is the 64th annual Crab Derby this Saturday.

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I just ran across your blog post on Crisfield !! Thank you for visiting us and Im glad you loved our town. Hope you get the chance to come back!! Love what you are doing !!
Posted By Tracy | 7/28/12 2:39 PM
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