Really Gotta Check This Out: First Fridays in Snow Hill

Photos by Melanie McLean and Ryan Brooks

Friday was the first 'First Friday' of the season in Snow Hill.

"What's First Friday?" you ask? You might even ask "Why First Friday and not third Friday? Or heck, why not first Thursday?" Well we're here to tell ya.

First Friday is a town-wide event where local galleries, shops and restaurant owners get a chance to strut their stuff and show off this beautiful, historic little city. With tons of quaint shops, authentic brick buildings, and an ambling river (the Pocomoke) running through it, Snow Hill seems easy to love. We decided to take a stroll to see what was going on.

The first stop was Bishop Stock Fine Art, Craft & Wine. The owner, Ann Coates, gave us the grand tour of this truly diverse operation. Her offerings run the gamut from painting and sculpture to merlot and craft beer with more than a few options in between.

We walked down the street to Pocomoke River Canoe Company which had a few things going on. First off and perhaps most obviously, they're a rental and guide service for canoeing and kayaking. Owners Ron Pilling and Barry Laws gave us the grand tour and invited us to the 3rd Annual Jesse's Paddle on July 16th at 5p.m. Kim Klump, Jesse's mom, was on hand with a little more information. The event raises funds for the Jesse Klump Memorial Scholarship Fund which awards one deserving and pretty darn lucky high school-er a bundle of money to put towards their college education. Second, they have a scale train exhibit that takes up the entire second floor of the building! Confidently controlled with Steve Brown at the helm the trains whiz around the exterior of the room while you're free to walk around in the middle and check out the action. It's a special treat usually reserved for the holiday season that will attract big kids (me) and little kids alike. And if you're not into trains Steve will happily keep you entertained.

Just out the back door you can find the push off point for the evening river cruise being led by Captain Jerry Nolte. $10 will buy you an hour long tour of the Pocomoke River aboard 'Journey' his pontoon boat. From there we moseyed over to the Adcock Studio for some more art and live music. Then wound it down with some outdoor seating and few beers at the Blue Dog Café... and more music!

We saw some really cool artwork, met some really nice folks, saw a really gorgeous town, got really tired and drank a really good beer. Snow Hill you're really on to something!

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