Farmers' Market Meal

Since our July 3rd celebration in Snow Hill, being so fun and cute, we decided to return to the town to roam around a bit more. We stopped by the Worcester tourism office right on Market Street downtown and found some cool things to do.

Among our options was the historic downtown walking tour. On our own we were able to stroll around this gorgeous town visiting cool churches and historic houses, all with the help of our handy map supplied by the office.

The Snow Hill Farmers Market, which happens every Tuesday from 2pm to 6pm, was another delightful discovery.

The market here offered the gambit from pet snacks to oysters, and the people behind all the booths were friendly and interesting.

After talking to the vendors and doing some shopping, we took our fresh food home and designed a happy, healthy dinner for ourselves, including fresh oysters from Uncle Ernie's Tangier Sound and home-grown squash. So with out further ado, our meals made of (mostly) food from the Snow Hill Farmers' Market.

Cold Summer Squash Soup

3- 4 large zucchini (can exchange for a yellow squash)

1 large onion

3-4 cloves of garlic

3 pouches of chicken/veggie/beef bullion

a dash of ground black pepper

a few squirts of Tabasco (optional)

½ cup of milk (optional)

sour cream

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